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Brand identity and logo

Product UI design

Launch campaign
Social media and landing page design


Conran Design Group

Branding a 'non-techy' digital security app that aims to make online protection simple and accessible for everyone.

I created a brand identity to reflect the simple, human-centric brand proposition. Imagery reflects the breadth of  ‘digital life’, the freedom the product enables, and trust is elicited through direct portraiture. A dynamic frame asset conceals and reveals to represent security, the logo itself is a playful entity that is always protected by an invisible frame, whilst lozenges reference live chat – a product differentiator.

Social isometric white.jpg
social copy.jpg

As part of the brand launch campaign, and whilst the product was in beta phase, I created a series of paid social media adverts and landing pages to raise brand awareness and start generating sales, media and PR interest.

The brand had to translate to the product experience which was a key design application. Working with the UX/UI team we produced a user interface that was easy to navigate, informative, and engaging. 

The internal design team in Kyiv was to realise the brand roll-out. I had a key role in organising and running the workshop to ensure the brand launch and implementation was a success.

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